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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

The promise of this site is to provide a free tool for estimating professional paintless dent repair (PDR) service. The tool should be easy too use and simple enough for any technician or potential clients of a PDR service.


There is a need for every service industry to have a standard price guide to allow enough compensation to deliver professional service. A top quality repair cannot exist without adequate compensation because there is no motivation. Furthermore, without top quality repairs, PDR may not have a future as there is no driver for the business side.

Undercharging in your business is dangerous because it can harm the longevity of your business while making you resentful because you know you deserve much more. Be confident of the value you bring to the table and seek out the right clients for your business.

PDR service is unique in that there is a massive spectrum of abilities. For example, it is not uncommon to hear that bodyline PDR cannot be repaired or the attempted repair will crack the paint; however, there are PDR technicians that repair a high volume of bodyline PDR on a daily basis. The technicians that can routinely repair bodyline dents have spent a great deal of sweat equity and and some capital equity to make bodyline dent repair possible. That is a huge gap in ability even amongst the small population of technicians. There should be a difficulty reward for the ability to repair body-line dents paintlessly that otherwise would need conventional repair. Difficult paintless dent repairs have immense value because if PDR cannot repair the damage the only other option is conventional repair which is lower quality and at a higher cost.

Unfortunately, the paintless dent repair industry is not organized like the dentistry industry. Dentistry in my Canadian market, has a governing organization that publishes a fee guide that describes the standard costs for different operations such as fillings, extractions, x-ray, and etc. The PDR industry doesn't have a governing body, so it will have to be upto the PDR service providers to maintain the future of its industry.

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